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5th November 2020

Webinar 1 – 5th November 2020 – BLM and VAWG Research 

The recording of the session is available here. Please note in response to your suggestions (thank you, it helps us to keep learning), we have added captions to the recording, but they are not perfect. We don’t currently have the resources to correct all captions and so we apologise for the inaccuracies, but we are looking to find a solution in future and will take any tips you have!

The slides used by the speakers, are available:

  • Geetenjali Ganjoli’s slides are available here.
  • Michaela Campbell’s slides are available here.
  • Kerris Cooper and Polina Obolenskaya’s slides are available here.
  • Rianna Raymond-William’s slides are available here.

During the session, a number of resources were requested or cited:

  • We were asked about services for Black women and girls. Please do share your service recommendations with on Twitter (at the hashtag #VAWGRN), but we’d like to highlight Shine Aloud, the organisation of one of our speakers, Rianna. Past seminars have included speakers other great services: ImkaanThe Angelou Centre, and Apna Haq. You can also learn more about how specialised services can provide transformative justice with another previous speaker, What Really Makes Us Safe

  • Geetanjali recommended a TED talk by Kimberle Crenshaw on the importance of intersectionality – you can find it here.
  • Geetanjali mentioned an HMIC inspection into police responses to forced marriage, FGM, and so-called ‘honour’-based violence – you can find it here.
  • Geetanjali also mentioned the relative invisibility of Indian women in the anti-colonial movement. An attendee highlighted where we can all learn more about the Coolie women in light of this: A Guardian article and a book by Gaiutra Bahadar
  • Rianna mentioned a report by Glitch on the impact of covid on online abuse and how it has disproportionately increased for Black women and girls. You can find the report here.
  • Rianna’s organisation, Shine Aloud, also created this animated video on relationships: I Know He Loves Me which you can view here