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  • Owning it through photo-elicitation: a retrospective exploration of young people’s experiences of family violence, Janine Ewen – Janine Ewen is an aspiring criminologist based in northeast Scotland. Janine participated in a research project that explored young people’s experiences of family violence using a survey followed by an interview with photo-elicitation. She hopes by sharing her experiences of her participation that it will contribute to enhancing ideas and research practice for everyone involved. Janine’s blog on her experience can be found here
  • The Homicide Abuse Learning Together (HALT) research team have published their first briefing paper based on their systematic review of the recommendations of processes for the conduct of Domestic Homicide Reviews globally as well as recommendations made for improving policy and practice responses to domestic violence and abuse. Click here to read and download the briefing paper. You can find out more about their work at their website https://domestichomicide-halt.co.uk/
  • Aref Abdulrazaq Ahmed kindly shared this new paper – Gender, (COVID-19) and health sector in Yemen;From Gender Mainstreaming into Structural Transformation – This paper presents the main gender issues that have been impacted by the implication of COVID-19 crisis on women and girls in Yemen. Click here to read and download. 
  • The Domestic Abuse Report 2021: The Annual Audit – Women’s Aid Federation of England – The Domestic Abuse Report 2021 gives an overview of the domestic abuse support services available in England, and including provision and usage, during the financial year 2019–20, as well as an overview of the impact of Covid-19. Click here to read Women’s Aid’s report.
  • Locked in abuse, locked out of safety: The pandemic experiences of migrant women – Safety4Sisters – Safety4Sisters have published a report detailing the risks faced by migrant women due to Covid-19. They call for urgent action for migrant women who are increasingly being exposed to high-risk situation with violent perpetrators. Click here to read Safety4Sisters report.
  • Oona Brooks-Hay has kindly shared a publication listing Gender Based Violence research resources in Scotland – you can dowload it from here. It’s also available from here.
  • Bristol University and Policy Press shared this policy briefing  http://www.transformingsociety.co.uk/2020/11/16/policy-briefing-restorative-justice-for-survivors-of-sexual-abuse/ the briefing is based on Angela Marinari’s new book, ‘Restorative Justice for Survivors of Sexual Abuse’ which gives a voice to survivors and illuminates how restorative justice processes can meet their justice needs. Marinari offers radical solutions for the development of restorative justice programs and policy initiatives. Read this blog post for more information: http://www.transformingsociety.co.uk/2020/11/16/why-are-your-options-for-getting-justice-after-you-are-raped-so-limited/
  • Sexual and other forms of violence during the Covid-19 pandemic emergency in Kenya: Patterns of violence and impacts on women and girls authored by network members Dr Kari Davis (University of Birmingham), Dr Heather Flowe (University of Birmingham) and Jessica Woodhams (University of Birmingham) with other wonderful authors Sarah Rockowitz, Rockey James; Wangu Kanja, Catherine Kamau,  Melissa Colloff, Jasmin Kauldar is available here.
  • Reclaiming Voice: Minortised women and sexual violence: Key findings (March 2020) authored by network members Ravi Thiara (University of Warwick) and Sumanta Roy (Imkaan) is available here.
  • #Not Buying it! Who work closely with survivors to challenge the porn and sex trade have lots of resources availble on thier website https://notbuyingit.org.uk/resources-publications/#_
  • June 2020 – Prime Minister’s Virtual Summit on Hidden Harms – read the full report here.