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International VAWG Webinars from CWASU!

CWASU are running a series of international webinars from October -Dec, which seek to promote shared learning in efforts to end violence against women. The first and introductory session is on Thursday 7th October at 6-7pm UK time. 

About the Series 

Listening to and learning from each other in our work to end violence against women and girls is something that can often be constrained by busy lives and demanding work Joining the dots across our work can help us to remember and learn from commonalities as well as recognising differences and complexities.  

For many reasons, work to end violence against women often becomes compartmentalised into forms (domestic violence, FGM, sexual harassment, stalking …) or contexts (conflict, ‘peace time’ the home, university, workplace, ‘development’).  Financial support can be dependent on matching our work to funders’ shifting priorities, rather than what survivors themselves might be seeking. 

This series of international webinar conversations on ending violence against women and girls will seek to explore or perhaps complicate our connections. Commonalities we all know include reluctance or refusal to listen to survivors, which includes gaslighting, defamation laws and the de-humanisation of categories of women whose lives matter little. We also know about the protection of abusers – those careers or reputations are deemed to be of more worth than the wellbeing, freedom and safety of those abused.   

These six webinars will bring small groups of activists and practitioners together to share their work and connect with others, Bookended by an introductory and reflective closing session, the series will focus on such themes as: Silencing vs Listening; Protection of Abusers; Cyberspace and New Technology; Re-reckoning ubiquity: MeToo and Sexual Harassment.   

Series participants will include:

Vrinda Grover (India)

Cynthia Enloe (USA)

Nighat Dad (Pakistan)

Anni Hirvela (Brussels)

Beatrice Lindstrom (re Haiti)

Mickey Meiji (South Africa)

Ashif Shaikh (India)

June Oscar (Australia)

Nabila Nasir (Malaysia)

Priyanka Chirimar (Singapore)

Please join us for these webinars – together we seek to promote shared learning in efforts to end violence against women.

Subsequent session dates will be announced here soon.

The first introductory session, which will be facilitated by Purna Sen, with panellists Cynthia Enloe (USA) and Vrinda Grover (India) is on 7th October at 6-7pm (GMT). Register now. 

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