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If you’d like to join the network, please send us an email at vawgrn@uos.ac.uk


The Recovery Village offers information concerning domestic abuse on their website. Please find resources here: https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/resources/domestic-violence/ 

Further information can be found on substance abuse/domestic abuse sitatuions: https://www.columbusrecoverycenter.com/blog/substance-abuse-domestic-violence-volatile-mix-ohio/ 

AVA Project can provide in house delivery for teams needing training, either online or in the future when we can be safely back in the classroom. Over the coming months they have many free webinars and interactive sessions across topics such as trauma-informed approaches, dealing with secondary trauma, supporting survivors, families and children. They also have e-learning courses which have a £15 admin fee. AVA are market leaders in training on gender based violence and abuse, with particular expertise in children & young people and multiple disadvantage. 

AVA training pages are here: https://avaproject.org.uk/training/

Event listings are here: https://avaproject.org.uk/training/#Upcoming

Gender Representation in the Media is a new free online course which has been put together by colleagues in Gender Equal Media Scotland. It is an introductory 7-week course, which draws on expertise from researchers, journalists and content producers, and colleagues in the feminist and equalities sectors. There is a week specifically focused on violence, with input from Speak Out Survivors, Zero Tolerance, Rape Crisis Scotland and the Women’s Support Project. Additional content on commercial sexual exploitation sits within the week on sexualisation and body image. Other themes addressed on the course include gender monitoring, politics (where we also deal with online abuse), sport and feminist media. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/gender-and-the-media