Special Interest Groups

We are incredibly excited to announce two of our new Special Interest Groups: the Media group and the Technology group! 

Media SIG

The Media SIG has been set up by a group of academics in the field of violence against women. Our aim is to critically appraise the different ways that gendered violence is portrayed in the media and whether representation reinforces or challenges negative attitudes about women, sexual violence, and society. We will be hosting events, writing articles, and inviting people to take part in different ways. For queries or more information on the Media SIG group, please contact Amy on amy.beddows@gmail.com

We organized our first event: a panel discussion on Micheala Coel’s riveting drama ‘I May Destroy you’, discussing the importance of media in the  research and perception of violence against women and girls. Please find an article written by our team: here

Technology SIG

We will be back with more information soon!