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Priorities for Future Sexual Violence Research – Webinar invitation

I am a research assistant working with Dr Filippo Varese from the University of Manchester, on the Sexual Violence Priority Setting Partnership.

I am contacting you as I hope the findings our project may be of interest to you. Since 2019, a team lead by sexual abuse survivors and professionals that work with them have been collaboratively working to identify the Top 10 priorities for future sexual violence and abuse research.

We have reached the stage of publication and are currently planning a FREE online dissemination event in which we reveal this Top 10. Please follow the link below for more information and to register for the event

It would be greatly appreciated if you could share this information with any colleagues, members of your network, or other connections that will be interested in these research priorities. If you are interested, please follow our twitter where we will be posting updates to our twitter in the coming weeks: @SV_PSP

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you at the event.

Best wishes,

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