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Talking Research Podcast https://talkingresearch.transistor.fm/

Talking Research features in-depth interviews with prominent academics and researchers who study sexual violence across disciplines. The aim is to make academic knowledge and research on sexual violence accessible. Every Sunday, guests talk about their research, their findings, the process, the challenges and everything else in between. Contact: talkingresearchpodcast@gmail.com   https://www.facebook.com/talkingresearch https://twitter.com/talk_research

Women’s Protection and Empowerment: IRC’s Women’s Protection and Empowerment Podcast Channel https://gbvresponders.org/resources/#WOMEN’SPROTECTIONANDEMPOWERMENTPODCAST or https://soundcloud.com/user-425988972

The Women’s Protection and Empowerment podcast is dedicated to creating space for women and girls in humanitarian settings. The podcast showcases programming achievements, lessons learned, good practices, useful tools, and ultimately strive to foster the global movement.

Spotlight – A Podcast for the Domestic Abuse Sector https://soundcloud.com/domestic-abuse-podcast

The Spotlight podcast that shines a light on the issues around domestic abuse and is produced by SafeLives

Professor Jan Jordan’s Inaugural lecture

The price of being ‘friends with Harvey’: Men, Power and Sexual Violence. It’s available here.