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Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls and Supporting Children Fund – What Works Funding – General

Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls and Supporting Children Fund – What Works Funding – General

The Secretary of State for the Home Department (the “Authority”), acting through the Interpersonal Abuse Unit, intends to make an amount between £6,500,000 and £6,750,000 over three years (up to 31st March 2025) of grant funding available. The value of submissions will determine how many Recipients we fund up to the maximum value.

Through the “what works” funding we are seeking to focus on various types of programmes:
• in schools, aiming to educate and inform children and young people about VAWG, healthy relationships and the consequences of abuse,
• targeted support focused on teenagers at high-risk of experiencing or perpetrating abuse,
• programmes that address sexual violence, including that found in communities that are harder to reach,
• programmes focused on addressing hidden crimes such as forced marriage, female genital mutilation and other types of ‘honour’-based abuse, and
• programmes focused on addressing exposure to VAWG in the home, recognising that this constitutes an adverse childhood experience.

Crucially, bids must demonstrate an ability to both deliver one or several of the above and ensure robust, objective evaluation of that delivery

This funding stems from the Government priority, when in 2021, the Domestic Abuse Act received royal assent and introduced a new statutory definition of domestic abuse, recognising children as victims of domestic abuse in their own right. Alongside implementation of the Domestic Abuse Act, the government published the Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy in July 2021, which committed to investing in a “What Works” Fund for tackling VAWG.

Detailed information available https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/Notice/6cb81554-3997-4b2b-a94e-27eab6aa0fa4?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2022-06-18&utm_source=SavedSearch


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