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Participants Needed

Exploring the lived experience of the fawn response in female domestic abuse survivors.


Seeking Research Participants

Are you a female survivor of domestic abuse?

Can you identify any of these behaviours in yourself?

•           People pleasing

•           Avoiding conflict 

•           Putting everyone else’s needs before your own

•           Difficulty saying no or setting boundaries

•           Always apologising

•           Overly concerned with fitting in (masking true self)


My name is Donna Buxton and I’m a MSc student at Staffordshire University. I will be examining the lived experience of the fawn response (appeasing behaviours) in survivors of domestic abuse. 

The study will require an hour of your time to take part in a semi-structured interview, exploring your experiences of appeasing behaviours after domestic abuse. Interviews will be conducted at a time convenient to you via Zoom.

I would love you to take part in my study if you match the following criteria:

–           Be over 18 years of age and female

–           Identify with some of the appeasing behaviours above (or similar)

–           Be a survivor of domestic abuse 

If you meet the above criteria and are interested in sharing your experience of appeasing behaviours following domestic abuse, please contact me on my university email address: 


Thank you for your time in reading this and look forward to hearing from you! Ethical approval for this study has been granted by Staffordshire University.

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