Team Members

Grace Carter
Grace Carter is a post-doctoral researcher with a background in forensic psychology. She is originally from the North of England and is now based in the West-Midlands. Grace’s research broadly focuses on developing and evaluating health interventions and exploring criminal justice journeys for victims/survivors of sexual violence and domestic abuse. The meaningful involvement of individuals who have lived experience of violence and abuse is central to Grace’s research. In her spare time, she enjoys all things outdoors from trail running to paddle boarding and growing veg in her garden.
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Becca Brunk
Becca Brunk is a researcher, writer, activist and artist. She is a midwestern American immigrant living in the north of England, and has a background in neuroscience, psychology and institutional behaviour. She is in pursuit of a PhD for her research on trauma-informed sexual violence prevention in universities, and in her spare time, hikes, bikes and dreams about being a dog-mom.
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Katie Smith
Katie Smith is a researcher and activist. Katie has worked in charity research and evaluation for over five years, with a focus on domestic abuse services and the survivors that they support. Katie is the proud owner of two ridiculously fluffy dogs.
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Kelly Mackenzie
Kelly Mackenzie is a research associate in the University of Birmingham’s Trauma, Social Harm and Health Research team. Kelly previously completed her PhD exploring representations of conflict-related sexual violence in the field of transitional justice and subsequently worked as an Independent Domestic Violence Advisor within a domestic abuse charity. In her spare time, you’ll find her either walking in the countryside or at the skatepark trying her best not to fall off her skateboard.
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