Call for Research Participants

Network member Nadia Wager (University of Huddersfield) is conducting an anonymous online survey exploring the experiences or researchers who study issues related to gender-based violence.  Nadia is doing this in her role as Director of the Centre for Researching gender-based violence globally and have recognised the need to develop policies and practices that will maintain the well-being of all researchers studying these topics.  Nadia wishes to move beyond focusing on promoting the idea of self-care and feel that at an organisational level we have a duty of care and need to develop empirically-based guidelines.  Nadia is hoping this project will fulfil this need.  You can complete the survey here

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Research Fellows Needed!

Work for the Violence and Society Centre at City, University of London! The UKRI/MRC/PRP has awarded £7m to a research Consortium on ‘Violence, health and

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