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9th July 2020


You can watch the webinar here.

The slides used by the speakers are available here.

During the session a number of links and documents were shared via the chat function.

While most of the questions raised in the chat were discussed at the time, we noticed that we didn’t get a chance to respond to a couple of questions on the Rape Review:

  • Are survivors involved in the review process? Not directly – there is a panel of stakeholders the feeds into the main review panel, which includes Rape Crisis and other specialist services.
    • However, this stakeholder panel has been under utilised and there has been no attempt to gather evidence from survivors directly.
    • Join the VAWGRN in September for another panel session with IMKAAN and the EVAW Coalition, where they will discuss their shadow report with other victim-survivor organisations.
    • The Victims Commissioner is also running a survey for survivors which will then be submitted to the Review panel – you can take part here.
  • How do we make sure the Rape Review leads to change, as there have been so many in the past? The advice from our panel members was that it will take sheer determination and passion from all of us to push for this opportunity to make real change. The media interest in rape and the CJS at the moment will help with this, but it is largely going to be about an effort from all angles to push for accountability on the recommendations and subsequent implementation plans.